Camping in Croatia

During the summer months we can highly recommend taking an extra trip to Croatia. The temperatures are comfortable at around 25-30 degrees and the bathing water temperature is above 20 degrees – even at the end of September. There is plenty of space at the campsites, everything is open, but there are not so many tourists

If you have big children who can manage themselves or if ours are so small that they have not yet started school, we would strongly recommend that you move part of the summer vacation to this season and drive to Istria in Croatia. The campgrounds are like beads on a wire. Everyone is open until 1/10 or 15/10 and you do not have to reserve, because there is plenty of space.

The same goes for eg restaurants and attractions. It feels almost like having everything for yourself.

Rovinj – a beautiful gem

On the west coast of Istria lies the town of Rovinj, which was built on a hilly island in 1763. The island has since been connected to the mainland, now it is more of a peninsula on the beautiful coastline. This city is definitely worth a visit. You can see it well in advance before you get there, because the cathedral thrives impressively on the top of the city.

The whole of the old town has many narrow streets and alleys that radiate idyll and romance, so you can have time to look at all the details. Artists have long been there by the atmosphere so they also adorn the street scene. You can read more onĀ

The Marketplace

Just outside the old city gate is the market every day. Here are all the good specialties for which Croatia is famous. Paski sir (goat cheese) and Slivovica (plum brandy) are just some of the things to taste. On the market, they are local sellers and enticing with a taste. They prefer to shop when you have said yes to taste. Fruits, greenery and everything from the sea are also in large quantities.

All this contributes to the colors and smells that are overwhelming. You pay with local currency and not in euros, as you can do in most other places. You can use the currency to play on many live dealer casinos online as well.

Acceptable standard

The standard of the different campsites varies greatly, but is clearly acceptable. If you choose among the places that have four stars, you can expect a standard over funds. Most of the outdoor facilities are outdoor, but are covered. Although the locations are at the seaside, the large facilities have one or more pools.

There are many activities for children during the high season, but they are closed at this season. There are good opportunities for activities in the water. Diving is especially popular. Do not forget to wear rubber shoes when bathing.

Good tips

Also drive up to the mountains where you can get a chance to follow the vineyard.

Do not forget about rubber shoes / slippers. In most places it is rocky and it is impossible to swim without bathing shoes.

Be aware that naturism is popular in Croatia and many campsites are nature parks.

Follow the instructions in the camping guides.

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