Camping equipment


A Caravan is a vehicle-drawn trailer with typical House decor as beds, cooking facilities, dining room, toilet and shower. More modern caravans are often equipped with underfloor heating, a microwave and a full sized gas stove. When you order a new caravan the customer usually can make configurations like, long beds, double beds, toilet room size and any accessories such as gas alarm and built-in TV.

The caravan design consists of a lightweight chassi with single or double axles, usually a bogie. On the chassis rests a disc of wood material which is isolated for the walls and ceiling. The walls and roof are built mostly with an outer panel glued on polystyrene foam, which in turn is glued to a lead as wallpapering with wallpaper on the opposite side. The first caravans were horse-drawn housing trailers and the first car-drawn caravan was built in 1897.

Motor home / RV

A motor home or RV is a major type of car that you can live in, for example during a holiday trip. Some of the most known manufacturers of motorhomes are Hymer, Adria, Bürstner, Knaus, Hobby, Frankia, Niesmann, Concorde and Kabe Travelmaster. There are three different types of motorhomes.

Motorhome with alcove – Above the driving seat there is a bed and the driving seat is separated from the living room. Partly integrated motorhome – you have access to the livingroom from the driving seat and the motorhome is partly integrated. Fully integrated motorhome – also known as RV is a motorhome that has the driving seat fully integrated with the rest of the motorhome.



A tent is a fabric and framework construction intended to temporarily protect from weather or visibility. Modern tent intended for overnight stays often have two layers of canvas – a tent made for protection against rain and wind and an inner tent as protection against air blast and bugs.

Tent the performance varies depending on resistance to rain, snow, durability, price, weight, and more. At the tent’s entrance there is often an area covered with just the outer tent, awning, also known as the vestibule where hikers and campers may place their luggage and even cook.