More and more people are living nomadic lives, and campervans are the stars of the movement. They offer the unbeatable combination of both transport and accommodation in one. And even though campervans are small; with excellent organisation, planning and packing, one can actually even live full-time in a van. But whether you aspire to live in a van, or just to go on holiday, campervans offer fantastic opportunities to travel and live a life of freedom. Just pack your best friend, partner or kids, and start planning a route. There are hundreds of videos, websites, and Instagram pages dedicated to van life, where the so-called van-lifers show their lifestyles to others, share tips, and generally show off the glory of living in a small mobile home. If you are tempted by trips in a campervan, they are worth checking out for advice and inspiration. To get in the mood for your travels, there are many great movies about campervans as well; for example, the 1954 classic, the Long, Long Trailer, with Lucille Ball.

How to Plan a Trip with a Campervan

A campervan is practical because you can simply park it and sleep in it, as long as you find a parking spot or ask for the landowner’s permission to stay overnight. However, a campervan may not be allowed in many places where camping in a tent is. So, if you want to stay the night in say, a nature reserve, it makes sense to bring along a tent, park the van outside the sanctuary, and camp in the tent. Travelling in a campervan does not mean you have to always sleep in it! When planning your trip, make sure you look up campsites in advance for when you want to enjoy the comforts of a shower, if your van does not have one.