Camping Activities


This activity is not for the fainthearted, even though the UK isn’t famous for its mountains there is actually a lot of good climbing spots. Please check out our recommended campsites to find one that suits you best.


Fishing is a very popular activity when people go camping. Make sure that you have license to fish in the lake before you start fishing or else you can get fined. In some lakes you also have to pay for each fish you keep so please make sure that you know the rules before you start fishing. If you don’t have any fishing gear almost every camping sites let out fishing gear so don’t worry. It’s really exciting to fish and to be able to cook food that you have caught is hard to beat.

Online casino

Today almost all good camping sites have a really good wifi which gives you excellent internet access. Online casino is a really popular activity in most camping sites and could give much excitement on a rainy and boring day. You can play all of the most popular casino slots directly in your iphone or android phone like Gonzo’s quest and Starburst. If you want to win big bucks you need to play on a progressive slot like Mega Fortune or Hall of gods. If you don’t know which online casino you should play on you should read independent reviews so that you can which ones are good and safe. Here you can find internet casino and really good bonuses and reviews.

Surfing / Windsurfing

In the UK there is a lot of good places for surfing with big waves. Please check out our recommended campsites to find one that suits you best.


This is the easiest camping activity to do. Make sure that you find a camp site with beautiful surroundings and you are guaranteed to have a great time. Also make sure that you have good shoes if you are going to walk long distances or else you might get blisters.